wow what a long break! anyway, it’s been a week since disneyland and bf and i are having major withdrawals! this last trip was so relaxing (even if it was super busy on sunday) and i think it was due to the fact that we were able to ride majority of the rides back in september. we were, however, disappointed that space mountain was (read all about it here). i was really looking forward to riding it without ghost galaxy and i think the last time that happened for me was when it reopened after its long refurbishment back in 2005? oh well, another to-do list on my next trip!

this trip was more about relaxing, enjoying my time off with my most favorite person and EATING! basically, this was a food trip. lol. on to pictures!

day 1: the weather was not your typical socal weather. it felt like it never reached over 67, bf ended up buying hoodies for us because it was so chilly! we stayed at the hotel menage (about 2 min from the resort via ART) and everyone there was so friendly! unlike the disneyland hotel (they tried giving us a double. really?) they followed through with our request and was given a king and a view of the fireworks from our room! i was especially thankful considering fireworks were cancelled the next day (our first day in the parks!). once we settled we made our way to downtown disney for some beignets! yum!!! we walked around a bit and decided to head back to the hotel for some drinks and dinner.

day 2: i made sure to make reservations for cafe orleans since they cancelled our reservations in september. we finally got a chance to try the pomme frites and these were amazing! the remoulade was sooo delicious! we also ordered the monte cristo and topped it off with mickey beignets. no regrets! ride wait times were not bad, we were able to ride most of the major rides (and some of my favorites!) with little wait. i was especially looking forward to riding indiana jones and expecting a long wait but we walked right on. after, i wasn’t surprised. it just wasn’t what it used to be. we headed over to ca. adventure to ride 2 of my favorite rides (ariel’s undersea adventures and tow-mater’s junkyward jamboree lol) and bf’s toy story mania and california screamin’. we also stopped by the cozy cone and got our chilli cone queso and popcorn of the day: salt and vinegar! this was especially yummy. we headed back to claim a spot at the jolly holiday to watch the fireworks. unfortunately, it was sprinkling on and off that day, and they announced that the fireworks have been cancelled. boo. we decided to call it a night (we weren’t particularly fond of each other for awhile at this point, but we made up later. lol) and headed back to the hotel.



day 3: it was much busier on sunday. it seemed like there was a music/dance tour going on and there were lots of kids. also, all levels of annual pass holders were able to come today. we took all of this into consideration and we didn’t let it dampen our moods. radiator springs racers wait times never died down (not surprising) and thankfully we were able to get fast passes before they ran out (they ran out before 11am that day). RSR really wasn’t at the top of our ride to-do list but we had a voucher for a free 5×7 picture and RSR was one of the rides we could redeem it for. overall, i think i enjoy riding it in the day as opposed to night. we managed to watch aladdin both days and the i’m sooo glad we were able to see the magic carpet working! it sprinkled that day and i for sure thought that they were going to cancel the fireworks again so we hopped over to ca. adventure, grabbed a corn dog at corn dog castle (the best corndog ever!) and rode all the necessary rides (ariel’s undersea adventures and tow-mater’s junkyard jamboree. lol) and TMJJ lines finally died down due to world of color we decided to ride it 2 more times and the 2nd time the fireworks started. it was one of my most memorable moments! it was great swinging around, watching and hearing the fireworks. we said goodbye to ca. adventure and headed back to disneyland so we can relax and wait for fantasmic. fantasmic was amazing…if you haven’t seen it, i highly recommend it and if you can, reserve premium seating! it’s worth the $$$ and the hot chocolate they give you is so delicious, especially on a cold day like that weekend. the dessert/cheese and crackers platter is wonderful, too!


overall, our trip was a success. not to say our trip back in september wasn’t but we planned a bit more this time around and we knew what to expect. again, our focus was just to relax and not stress ourselves. lol. also, we knew when we booked this trip there was a possibility that the parks may be really busy. so we narrowed down the rides we really wanted to ride and we, thankfully, didn’t wait more than an hour for anything. i hope we can go back soon! …or plan a trip to WDW this time! 🙂

hope you all have a great weekend!


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