time is flying by so fast…i can’t believe we’re already saying goodbye to another month (i know february is a short month) and hopefully welcoming spring. it has been way too cold these past few days (ice on car windows kind of cold) and i’m over waiting for forever until my car defrosts so i can leave for work in the morning. 😖

i know it’s late but i completely forgot that i was planning on baking cupcakes for bf for valentine’s day! oops. so i decided to bake them the other day to give to him on our date day…aren’t the wrappers just the cutest?

i’ve also transferred the daises bf gave me into a smaller “vase” (cup) and placed them on my desk in my room. they make me smile!

lastly, i stopped by rite aid (this particular one hasn’t turned into cvs quite yet…and i hope it doesn’t! i don’t know what i’d do if i ever crave for thrifty ice cream and it isn’t readily available) after work to run a few errands and yes, peruse the beauty/makeup section (sneaky) and i found the ever so coveted wet n wild sugar plum fairy! when i first picked it up i was hoping it was the lipstick and to my surprise it was! yes, i searched high and low for this stupid lipstick and i couldn’t believe it was there. there were 3, even. so i knew i had to get it before it disappeared again. yay! maybe i’ll feel a little rebellious tomorrow and wear it to work. 😈

friday is just around the corner, the weekend is almost here and this week was almost perfect. it was very quiet this week and i wanted to take advantage of the quiet and low patient count because next week will bring the busy back and i’m not really looking forward to it to be honest 😐 but…i’m ready!

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as for me, i’m looking forward to spending time with bf and giving him lots of hugs and love because school is stressing him out!

until next time…!


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