love day

i’m not too much of a romantic (well, that’s probably false. i have my moments) and i really don’t like being the center of attention, ever. however, it is always nice to receive goodies, especially at work! the first time bf sent flowers to my work, i felt so special and it was really unexpected. this year i didn’t think he’d send flowers because i casually (at least to me lol) mentioned i would like something edible instead. haha. i was surprised he got me these pretty daises AND see’s chocolates (which are almost gone, as you can see). 🙂 totally made my day, since a few people i encountered that day were not feelin’ the love at all. after work bf came over and we went to the local pho place (the least sexiest and busiest place) to have our “valentine’s day” dinner. what more could i ask for, really? 🙂 ❤

since i requested friday off, we spent the day together. i guess you can call this a post valentine day date? i really enjoy “planned” days with bf because we rarely see each other (although, we are getting better with making time for each other) and when we do see each other, it’s just to hang out. which is fine, don’t get me wrong…any time spent with him is great but planned dates are exciting. especially when you plan to go to the egyptian museum! woohoo love and education!

i hope everyone is enjoying their (3 day?) weekend! i, unfortunately, injured my foot and will be taking it easy for the next few days…which may be a little difficult because i am itching to run. anyway, stay safe everyone!


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