oh. dear.
this work week was so bad (i had to put extra whipped cream and chocolate mallow in my hot chocolate). it was like a domino effect…one thing after another. i finally had a mini breakdown this morning after i took it out on bf. yikes. you never want to do that…but alas, i have done it. i really must try to be better.

anyway, it’ll be a better week, i promise. it’s already getting better because i decided to finally (after months) bake some cookies!
i was browsing the internet this morning and came across this recipe and since bf is a big fan of cookies, i decided to try it out. it turned out just fine but not nearly as cute as hers. lol. as long as it’s edible, i’m okay with it! bf and i don’t celebrate valentine’s day really, especially not on the day of. i did, however, take the 15th off so we’ve planned a few things that day. first we’ll have lunch at Island’s (woohoo for giftcards), then we’ll head over to the egyptian museum (woohoo education!) and dinner is still up in the air. we both have busy schedules so while it’s nice to lounge around, it’s also nice to have something planned out. keep the spark alive, you know? anyway, valentine’s day should be celebrated everyday!

lastly, since i was feeling down, i needed a quick pick me up. i was at target perusing the stationary aisle and my eyes wandered through the pen area. i’m a pen hoarder, so naturally i purchased a new set. they now live in my big mug of pens with tink.

hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and will have an even better week!


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