pink tights + red&gold cupcakes

this weekend was pretty eventful. once a year on a saturday, the company i work for holds an employee recognition dinner for all staff. this was my first year attending (i’ve been with them for a little over a year) and it was nice. it’s nice that our hard work is acknowledged and, i’m not going to lie, sometimes it feels like higher management don’t understand the things we go through every day. anyway…i took bf along and it looked like he had fun, too. too bad we didn’t win the raffle!
(please don’t mind the towels behind me, i was separating laundry)

today, obviously, was the superbowl. i’m not too into football, it was just never my thing but all my life i remember my family throwing superbowl parties. it was no different this year and because the niners were playing, it was huge. anyway, i’m not gonna talk about football because i don’t know anything about it, so to make things short: we lost and it was pretty emotional for a few people in the house. this is what i did with my time, though.
how cute are those cupcakes?

hope you all had a great weekend!


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