time is flying by so fast…i can’t believe we’re already saying goodbye to another month (i know february is a short month) and hopefully welcoming spring. it has been way too cold these past few days (ice on car windows kind of cold) and i’m over waiting for forever until my car defrosts so i […]

love day

i’m not too much of a romantic (well, that’s probably false. i have my moments) and i really don’t like being the center of attention, ever. however, it is always nice to receive goodies, especially at work! the first time bf sent flowers to my work, i felt so special and it was really unexpected. […]


oh. dear. this work week was so bad (i had to put extra whipped cream and chocolate mallow in my hot chocolate). it was like a domino effect…one thing after another. i finally had a mini breakdown this morning after i took it out on bf. yikes. you never want to do that…but alas, i […]