little things

it’s been a tough couple of weeks and i think it’s time to breathe, let go and start fresh. i kind of lost my way for a little bit and found myself regressing but i just need to remind myself to keep moving forward. anyway, some things that are keeping me sane?
food trips with two people i can fully indulge with (though these are rare!); bf and sister.

nothing cheers me up more than being with people i love and food trips. it’s the best combination: coversation, love and delicious eats!

pictures L-R: i have always been obsessed with painting my nails and the teal/gold combo has got to be my favorite. i’ve also been on a hot chocolate + whipped cream (in this case, extra heavy whipped cream) kick. obviously not healthy but it’s almost always in moderation. my desk makes me happy 🙂 the sweet macaron candle is just for looks, though. not a fan of the scent. lastly, i played bingo recently and it was really fun. long, but fun. people really take the game seriously and rightfully so, because winning means major $$$!

after reflecting, my life isn’t so bad. i’m grateful to have such a good support system. i also feel terrible for second guessing those i shouldn’t have second guessed in the first place. i hope i can learn to be better, to be more open and trusting.

to end on a lighter note:

bf and i 2009/2010? 🙂 stronger than ever.


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