shopping ban 2013

it’s 2013 and i am “officially” on a shopping ban! i went overboard last year (hey, this is my first “adult” job. i wanted to enjoy it and that i did) and i felt that this year i needed to put the brakes on the shopping. i did go for one last shopping trip and purchased these babies:
i really wanted a few gingham shirts (and you can never have enough cardigans. i mean, really) and saw that they were on sale at the outlets. i figured, why not get them now? the NM + target collection left little to be desired but i figured, at 70% off i couldn’t pass up some of the pieces. i am having a little trouble with the scarves, though. it does its job with keeping your neck really warm but it snags so easily. hm…

anyway, it’s 2013! the holiday season is winding down and it’s getting busy at work again. i’m in a strangely good mood, surprisingly. also, i think i’ve set realistic (short term) goals and resolutions for this year. i’m hoping to go through with them…or at least try.

i hope you all had a wonderful holiday…and will have an even better year. cheers!


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